Blendys for service providers

Blendys allows service providers to maintain contact with their staff and customers, for network and service outage alerts, for  targeted promotions and  advertising, to increase up- sell and cross-sell, to improve customer feedback, to reduce churn and increase revenues.

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How it works

Notification app as a white label service


Service provider will resell Blendys functionality to SME clients as a white-labeled service

One of several templates will apply to each industry / client sector
Reduce churn through added value
Enable uniform service offering across multiple branches of same the business
Further enable one-stop-shop capability

Notification of network issues and service outages


Notifications will replace/complement existing SMS and email messaging to staff and customer communities

Automated customized notification capability from NOC to operations and maintenance staff
Enable direct / instant feedback from field force to the NOC
Allow senior operations management to remain in touch with the situation as it develops
Direct notification to affected customer communities of impending service impacts
Granular and customized messaging to customer groups to keep them informed throughout
Effectively manage number of calls to service desks, hits on web sites, and high loads on network nodes

Targeted and instantaneous marketing


Notification of offers, promotions, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities to customers directly after they have purchased a service or visited a web site

Use notifications with promotions engines to enable near real time promotions
Made easy: service referrals from/between customers
Directly target customers with added service features during the purchase cycle
Further enable monetization of web site visits

Customer / focus group feedback on new / changed services


Enable greater customer participation and facilitate more feedback on services

Enable diverse and dynamic focus groups to be set up as needed
Customer feedback is specific, private, immediate, and relevant
No separate log-in or authentication is needed

Enable and target service specific communities, custom newsletters, promotions and advertising

Replace email/junk mail as a means of advertising, promotions, and brand building
Push notifications can be multi-media enabled, and un-intrusive for the customer
Advertising can be targeted to specific use communities to increase hit rate
Increase brand loyalty and reduce churn through customized and relevant communication