How Blendys Mobile Tracking works

Blendys platform provides to stores and customers three main apps: Blendys mobile app, Blendys Manager mobile app and MyBlendys web app.

The notifications handled by Blendys platform are highly customizable with text, hyperlinks and photos giving the possibility to present the customer with details and important marketing info.

Blendys – mobile app for customers

Blendys turns your smartphone into an advanced pager. This app enables a customer to receive alerts and notifications from any store where he ordered goods or services or he has subscribed to newsletters. Blendys can be installed in any Apple or Android smartphone and tablet.

The application uses the smartphone camera as a scanner of QR codes to read order numbers.

For the users that do not have a smartphone or a tablet, the tracking of any order can be performed from

Blendys Manager – mobile app for stores

Blendys Manager mobile app is the application designed for stores to send notifications to their customers. It can be used by businesses that need to keep their clients informed in real time on the status of their orders, or to keep them informed of special offers and news in real time.

The notifications are sent using the QR order number that is automatically scanned through the device camera.

The flexible design of Blendys allows multiple customizations to fit best the customer specific environment needs:

  • Branding according to customer specifics
  • Bulk notifications to unlimited number of users
  • Input of notification lists extracted from any DB
  • Language and localization

MyBlendys – web app for stores

MyBlendys web app is the application with admin privileges allowing a store the full control of its Blendys account and the generation of QR codes. On top of admin tools this app offers all functionalities of Blendys Manager mobile app. The application runs on any internet browser.

A complete description of the product is available in PDF.

How it works

What is the information a store needs to provide to its customers? To allow a customer to track an order, the store needs to provide him the QR code of that order. The QR codes can be generated from MyBlendys web app.

Order ready notification

When the order is ready for delivery, a store can send a notification to the customer:

  • B2B Integration through Web Services
  • From MyBlendys web app, by typing the order number.
  • From the mobile app Blendys Manager, by scanning the order number.

Order tracking

Customers have two simple ways to track the status of their orders :

  • Directly from the Blendys website, in the box on the home page.
  • From the mobile app Blendys, by scanning the order number.