How OrderHere works

Here Plaforma Order consists of two mobile applications, one for customers (OrderHere) and one for the waiters and staff safety (OrderHere Manager) plus a web application and configuration management activities account. Here Order Access platform is based on an account. For creating this account you should contact Customer Order Here you will provide technical and logistical support required. The applications offered by platform Order Here are a simple, intuitive interface and simple to use. These applications have been designed so as to offer customers more comfort and more efficient waiters.

A customer can use the mobile app to:

  • to call the waiter
  • ask menu
  • ask bill
  • to call security that location
  • send feedback
  • to receive notification of offers, promotions and events from the establishment

Mobile apps can be downloaded for free from the Play Store and App Store. Implementation, logistics and technical support offered by the team Order Here.

Facilitate communication will be done by using a QR code on a customer seated at a table will be scanned using a mobile applications. This will generate automatic notifications by sending a waiter who serves meal.

At the push of a button, the waiter in turn will inform the customer that his appeal was received. It will thus establish a reliable communication channel between client and waiter. This will result in building a relationship of trust between client and one who serves involved in client and facility.

Customers who do not have a smartphone will be able to continue to address waiters in classic mode, just by streamlining the serving process using even this Order Here customers will benefit from more attention from facility staff.